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Digital Declutter

Digital Declutter

Organize your Desktop and Downloads folder in 15 minutes (even if you have thousands of files to sort)

If your desktop and Downloads folder is a mess right now, this will help clean it up for you. This short course shows you how to use automated workflows to do the decluttering for you (no technical or coding skills required).

In this course, we will cover…

  • How to sort and organize thousands of files in your Downloads folder in 15 minutes or less
  • The automation workflow that works on Windows and Mac
  • How to move files of any type to where they belong, without you needing to do anything
  • Our favorite tools on Mac and Windows to keep only your currently-worked-on files front and center on the Desktop
  • Built-in features of Mac and Windows that will keep your Desktop organized for you (no software needed)

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A step-by-step system to organize all your files on your computer so there's zero clutter (even if you have thousands of files on your computer). This system takes less than an hour to get up and running. Once your calendar is organized, you also want to have your files organized so you have the utmost confidence that you’re on top of everything. Get Organize Your Files now at a discounted rate (only on this page).

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A simple 5-Step video series to help you manage your emails more quickly and efficiently. Add Inbox Detox to your purchase and implement a quick and efficient way to get your inbox to zero and manage your emails right away. 

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