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GO AI - Bundle - Beta

GO AI - Bundle - Beta Launch


GO- AI Professsional - Personalized AI Video Editor - Value $599/Year

GO- AI Design Club - Lead Generation Animation - Value $399

OTO 2 - Personalized AI Template Creator - Value $399/year

OTO 3 - Personalized AI Sales Content Creator w. Chrome Extension - Value $599/year



GO.AI FE : Personalized AI Video Editor


  • Personalization:

    • Personalization Token

    • Personalized Image

    • Unlimited Facebook Personalization

    • Unlimited Linkedin Personalization

  • AI Writing:

    • AI Niche Script Generator - over 100 personalized niche prompts

  • AI Images:

    • AI Image Generator

    • Go Background Image Removal

    • Go Face Cutout

    • Go Cartoon Selfie

    • Go  Image Enhancer

    • Go Image Colorizer

    • Go  Image Correction

    • Go Passport Maker

    • Go Animer

    • Go  AI Art Generator/Thumbnail Generator

  • Media:

    • Media Library

    • Pexels Stock Footage

    • Pixabay Stock Footage

    • Unsplash Stock Footage 

    • AI Image Library

    • Audio Tracks

    • Texts Fonts

  • Video Editing:

    • Text Element 

    • Square Personalized Image 

    • Circle Personalized Image 

    • Personalizer 

    • HTML5 Video Support

    • Loop Element

    • Pause Element

  • Sharing:

    • Viral Video Sharing to over 60 Sites

  • Calls-to-Action:

    • 25 Interactive CTA Library

    • 10 Animated End Screens 

  • 25 Personalized Image LT Presets

  • Analytics:

    • View Analytics - 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%, 100% views

    • Enable Click Tracking  


  • Project Recall 

  • Email Campaign

  • Website Embed

  • WordPress support

  • URL Personalization

  • Excel/Google Sheet Personalization ??? (Uruba Sheet) 

  • Client Folders

  • 90 + ESP Integrations

  • All In One Video Downloader

  • White Label Custom Playback URL


OTO 1 - Personalized AI Template Generator 


  • Over 800+ High-Quality Base Level Videos

  • Over 100+ AI-Generated Niche Scripts & Prompts

  • Access to Pexels & Pixabay Video Libraries with Thousands of Additional Videos

  • 50+ Customizable Audio Tracks

  • An Ever-Expanding Library of Video Templates

  • Upload Your Own Videos

  • Personalized AI Script Rewriter

  • Instant Access to All Niche Video Scripts

  • 100+ Niche Scripts for Various Industries

  • User-Friendly Interface and Easy Customization

  • Royalty-Free Media for Commercial Use

  • Time-Saving, Cost-Effective Solution for Video Marketing

  • Create Over 160,000,000 AI-Generated Templates with Endless Customization Options

Experience the limitless potential of the GO AI Generator, revolutionizing the way you create and customize video templates for your marketing campaigns.


OTO 2: Personalized AI Sales Content Creator with Chat-GPT Enabled Chrome Extension 

Create any personalized sales content you need with our VRAI Tools & Chrome Extension

  • Personalized Blog Ideas

  • Personalized Blog Intros

  • Personalized Blog Titles

  • Personalized Blog Sections

  • Personalized Blog Conclusions

  • Personalized Article Writer Pro

  • Personalized Article Rewriter Pro

  • Personalized Article Outlines Pro

  • Personalized Talking Points

  • Personalized Paragraph Writer

  • Personalized Content Rephrase

  • Personalized Text Extender

  • Personalized Content Shorten

  • Personalized Quora Answers

  • Personalized Summarize for a 2nd Grader

  • Personalized Stories Pro

  • Personalized Bullet Point Answers

  • Personalized Definitions

  • Personalized Answers

  • Personalized Questions

  • Personalized Passive to Active Voice

  • Personalized Pros and Cons

  • Personalized Rewrite With Keywords Pro

  • Personalized Emails

  • Personalized Emails V2 Pro

  • Personalized Email Subject Lines

  • Personalized Startup Name Generator

  • Personalized Company Bios Pro

  • Personalized Company Mission

  • Personalized Company Vision Pro

  • Personalized Grammar Correction

  • Personalized Product Name Generator

  • Personalized Product Descriptions

  • Personalized Amazon Product Titles

  • Personalized Amazon Product Descriptions

  • Personalized Amazon Product Features

  • Personalized Social Media Posts (Personal)

  • Personalized Social Media Posts (Business) Pro

  • Personalized Instagram Captions

  • Personalized Instagram Hashtags

  • Personalized Twitter Tweets

  • Personalized YouTube Titles

  • Personalized YouTube Descriptions

  • Personalized YouTube Outlines

  • Personalized LinkedIn Posts

  • Personalized TikTok Video Scripts

  • Personalized Facebook Ads

  • Personalized Facebook Ads Headlines

  • Personalized Google Ad Titles

  • Personalized Google Ad Descriptions Pro

  • Personalized LinkedIn Ad Headlines

  • Personalized LinkedIn Ad Descriptions

  • Personalized App and SMS Notifications

  • Personalized SEO Meta Tags (Blog Post) Pro

  • Personalized SEO Meta Tags (Homepage) Pro

  • Personalized SEO Meta Tags (Product Page) Pro

  • Personalized Tone Changer

  • Personalized Song Lyrics Pro

  • Personalized Translate

  • Personalized FAQs

  • Personalized FAQ Answers

  • Personalized Testimonials/Reviews


GO OTO 3 : Personalized AI CRM & Sales Enablement Tool

One Platform:

  • Combines the functions of multiple software applications

  • Enables users to cancel other services they may be paying for on a monthly basis

Lead Management:

  • Connects lead sources directly to the platform

  • Enables quick and easy outreach to the target audience

Sales & Marketing Automation:

  • Provides pre-built and customizable drip campaigns for email marketing

  • Offers video email, 2-way text messaging, ringless voicemail, phone and power dialer, and direct mail and gifts

  • Automates sales and marketing processes

Manage Conversations:

  • Keeps all conversations with clients organized in one central location

  • Integrates email, video email, text conversations, voicemails, call recordings, and chat messages

Sales & Service Pipelines:

  • Allows the organization of the entire sales process

  • Tracks where each prospect is in the sales funnel

  • Offers click and drag sales pipeline feature

Open API and Direct Integrations:

  • Enables direct integrations with Facebook and Zapier

  • Connects lead sources directly to the platform with open API

Pre-built Campaigns:

  • Provides pre-built campaigns to engage with prospects

  • Enables users to start using campaigns from day one

Multiple Communication Channels:

  • Enables users to connect with leads using a variety of communication channels

  • email marketing

  • video email

  • 2-way text messaging

  • ringless voicemail

  • phone and power dialer


Replace Multiple Tools:

  • Replaces several other tools users may be using and paying for in their office

  • Provides a cost-effective solution for managing sales and marketing processes


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