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Authority Transformers Program - CUSTOM

Authority Transformers - Special

This is a 60 Day program designed to turn you into an authority and generate clients within 4-6 weeks. 


Establishing Your Offer and Audience Research


My Story


  • Belief

Google Drive - Organization

Creator of your own destiny

Personal Mission - Clear Focused Path

Setting goals

Power Post and Power Email

  • Pain Points

Understanding your ideal clients

Understanding your ideal clients Pain Points

Understanding Your Ideal Client Hack

Time Management

Elements of Your High Ticket Coaching Offer- Structure and Outline

Member Only Group

Actionable Steps


Quick Start – Get Results in 24-48 hours

Step #1 - Prepare

Step #2 - Join Your Audience (where they hang out)

Step #3 - Giveaway post + Template

Step #4 - Introduction In the Groups

Step #5 - Respond to Leads

Step #6 - Track Results

Step #7 - Let's Celebrate Your Win

Preparing Your Authority Building

Time to write some content.

Getting Started With Authority Building

#1 - Write out your mission post

#2 - Get to know me posts- Write 7-10 content pieces where people get to know you, like you and trust you. 

#3 - Value Posts- Write your value posts for groups where your ideal clients hang out 

3-1 Getting inspired to write your content

#4 Engagement Posts

#5 - How to Write Story Posts - Interview With Mitali

#6 - Branding Full Training

#7 - Optimizing Your Profile

#8 - Cover Image

#9 - Optimizing Technical Parts

#10 - How to Name Your Group

#11 - Basic Group Setup - OPTIONAL

#12 - Group Welcome Message + Video

#13 - Advanced Group Setup (Collecting Leads)

#14 - Automated Lead Generation From FB Groups

#15 - FB Business Page Creation

#16 - Do’s and Don'ts

#17 - Power of the Message

#18 - Make Sure You Network

#19 - Continue To Keep Track of Pain Points

#20 - Potential Client/Student Tracking

#21 - What Tools to Use To Record Your Content

#22 - Action Steps 


DFY Funnel Website

Clickfunnels Funnel or Wordpress Site

Overview of All Pages in Clickfunnels

Front Page + VSL + Application + Book a Call

Join Here + VSL

Replay Training

PDF Lead Magnet Pages

Contact Us and Thank You 

Main Header Pages

Join Your Program Pages

Legal Pages

Overview of DFY WP Website 

DFY WP Site - Thrive Architect Gig + License

Affordable Site Design Adjustments

Editing Application Form

Action Steps



Organic Marketing Intro

Planting The Seeds

Script And Lead Communication

2 Step Post

Engagement and Group Growth.

Engagement in Other People’s Group

Strategic Posting of Your Content

1 Month Calendar For Your Launch Postings

How To Properly Accept Friend Requests

Kicking Off The Conversation with New Friends - Real Example

Pre-qualifying Your Prospects

Real Life Example of The Conversation

3 Rules to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Working on Your Presentation - (Lead Magnet)

Preparing Your Audience For Your Live Training

Hack for Instant Exposure

What to Post Before Official Launch

Twist The Current Hot Topic To Fit Your Business

Action Steps



Preparing Your Emails - (Sample of the emails provided) 

Preparing Effective VSL Emails

  • Putting 3 Simple Funnels in Place 

Simple Funnel 1 - Program Outline

Simple Funnel 2 - 3 Step Process with website

Simple Funnel 3 - 2 Step process with call

Recording Your Free Training 

Proven VSL For Your Offer (+Template)

Example of Simple Funnel #1

Example of Simple Funnel #2

Example of Simple Funnel #3

Action Steps


Launch Of Your Program

Launching Your Program - Congrats!

Launch Calendar

Like And Trust Posts

2 Step Posts

Comments for 2 Step Posts

Boosting Your Posts

Lead Magnet And Case Study Examples

Script For Messenger (What works for me)

Your Official Launch Post

Direct Engagement Question 

Closing Post

Student Enrollment Posts

Action Steps


7 Days Leads Challenge


Optional - Email Promo

Day 1 - Content Preparation

Day 2 - Promo Preparation

Day 3 - Post Mission Statement

Day 4 - Post peak and interest post

Day 5 - Post X Results Post

Day 6 Story + Call To Action

Day 7 - Closing Post

Day 8 - Optional

Email Marketing (If you have one)
Example of the checkout page
Key to Success - Follow up


Enrollments of Client Into The Program (Sale)

The Fun Begins :-)

Calendly and Zoom Automation

Sales Training - Handling Objections

4 Things to Establish On a Call

Master This For Success

The objective of the Call

Sales Script - 12 Step Process

Step 1 - Preparation 

Step 2 - Initial Question

Step 3 - Find Out What the Problem Is

Step 4 - Ask for Permissions

Step 5 - Mirror Back (Understand the Problem)

Step 6 - Paint the Vision

Step 7 - Get the Self Admission

Step 8 - Gain Commitment 

Step 9 - Ask for Permission to Share

Step 10 - State Your Offer and How it Works

Step 11 - State Your Offer with Incentive-Based Price

Step 12 - Getting the Commitment 

Objection Handling

Phone Sales Script

Action Steps


Email Marketing Sequence

Getting Started with Email Marketing

Benefits of  Email Marketing

What is the purpose of your emails?

Structure of the Emails for High CTR

Sequence #1 - Like and Trust Building

Sequence #2 - Application Process Emails

Sequence #3 - Master Class Emails

Sequence #4 - Case Study 

Sequence #5 - Providing Value

Ongoing Add-on - As Needed

Action Steps


Content Delivery + Results

How to Deliver Your Content 

Essential Tools For Running The Business

Serving Your Clients - 100% Success Rate

Your Initial Group - Essential For Success

Setting Up Your Member Only Group - Accountability 

Systemize the Q&A - Use it for Live Calls

What if You Have to Miss Your Live Call?

Messenger Group - Optional 

Collect The Testimonials 

Video Testimonial Template


Moving Forward With Attraction Marketing

Cleaning Out Your Friends List

More Methods to Attract Clients

Masterclass Training - Tripwire Offer

Scaling Through Paid Ads

Coaching Calls

2 Weekly Group Calls

1 - Onboarding Call


Bonus Section

Google Drive - Technical Part

Little Black Book - Outsource + Resources

How to Connect Grovefunnels With Your Domain 

How to Create Real Wealth Interview


Everything inside of this program is designed to help you become an authority within 4-6 weeks and start attracting high ticket coaching clients quickly. If by the end of 60 days, you have not attracted at least one client, your membership will be extended until you get your first client. We are on a mission to turn you into a success and achieve 100% student success rate.

Hereby you commit to showing up for all the live calls and implement everything the program teaches you.



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