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The PDA E-Course Creation Account

The PDA E-Course Creation Account

Our e-course technology is connected into three different apps. The PDA is one, Natural Living App, and our new Experts Insights app. Any person who has an **E-Course Creation Account** can offer an unlimited number of e-courses through these apps (for Natural Living your course needs to be health related).

All of our app users, in each app, will be able to see your course for sale (sell from $0 to $199) and purchase or signup to take that course. The course delivers content you provide to us and **we build the course (no tech skills needed)**. When a course sells **you make 40% - 60% of the sale** (in app purchases require a commission to Apple or Android of 30% so the 60% cut comes when the course is sold through this site).

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  • The PDA E-Course Creation Account

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