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The Switch by Abscondo (eBook and Audiobook)

Sometimes you withhold honesty because you want to make the people you love happy.  Maybe you are ashamed of what you really want, feel, need and desire. Dishonesty may seem like the easier and safer choice at first, but it is a tragic decision to withdraw from the world only to build a life upon unstable ground.

Working to make true what is not true requires exhaustive effort, which is experienced as ongoing stress and suffering. When the truth is finally exposed, you face the crisis of a failed relationship, loss of access to your children, and even financial ruin. Dishonesty is a problem that we need to take more seriously. 

The error of dishonesty can be undone. Only through perfect honesty can you can live your dreams, find lasting happiness, undo suffering and prevent crisis. There is nothing new to learn, but a lot to unlearn. To be lovingly honest, open, and accepting is to awaken to a life that you enjoy. Dishonesty brings you down; while the truth fills you with energy and lifts you up.

To turn the switch is a decision to shine your truth where there was once darkness. The Switch is a powerful eBook and Audiobook that uses direct language to help you transform your inner and outer reality through the power of perfect honesty. The way isn’t hard, but it is very different.

Your $10 purchase helps get this important message of healing out to more people. Your contribution goes to the I Am by Infobeing Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit whose mission is to alleviate suffering and crisis through awakening.

Submit the form below to get instant access to the eBook PDF, which also contains links to the Audiobook version of The Switch. The book also describes how to join the new global community of good people who share the intention of enjoying life by living in perfect honesty and freedom. If you are open, your life is about to shift. Read The Switch.

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