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Offline Funnel Mastery All Access (6 months)

Offline Funnel Mastery
6 months

Businesses need help, and will pay you to help them. 

Not just any help. In fact, most business owners hate marketing and are confused by it. But they understand Maximizing Customer Revenue. Which is exactly what Offline Funnel Mastery is all about and exactly why they will hire you and pay you more than they would pay other marketing consultants.

Offline Funnel Mastery is where you develop Steve's Proprietary Back End Strategies for your own business and how to sell them for top dollar to local businesses that want and need to hire you to find the people who are Ready Willing & Able (RWA) to buy from them Now!

Grab your exclusive Offline Funnel Membership today and in no time you will know how to create high demand funnels that:

  • Find you new clients fast
  • Maximize Revenue Per Customer (RPC)
  • Prevent lost opportunities
  • Close more sales by dealing with RWA's
  • Set you above & beyond the competition

What our Members Are Saying

Jay Harmon

"I took Steve's concepts and signed up a client for a $24,000 campaign that closed 3 new clients worth over $3,000,000.

I have assisted clients in generating millions in new revenue using Steve's Back End Automation strategies."

Jay Harmon
Carol Santella

"Steve Rosenbaum is one of the very best top mentors in this industry! He stands out above the rest with his knowledge, his expertise, his genuine help for us all to learn systems that work and to see us succeed and his ease of explanation so that you not only desire his next trainings but can't wait to implement them and see results!"

Carol Santella
Suzette DesJardins

"Steve really knows his stuff, but beyond that, he knows how to teach what he knows in a way that makes it fun and easy to learn! After today's session, I feel confident that I could make a presentation with a client/prospect right now! :)"

Suzette DesJardins

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