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Get lifetime access to 3 of the main Bulletproof series + the posture program as a free bonus. Don't forget that when you become a member of the series, you will have access to all current and future content that we upload.

You can also add our brand new Core & Abdominals course into the bundle, but we have left that open for you to decide.



<p>Miranda Manning Press</p>

We discovered Brad and Omni body Healthcare during the lockdown of 2020. We are massage and yoga practitioners and we wanted to improve our human anatomy and physiology knowledge. We can't rate Brad's Hips, Back and Spine and the Shoulders and Neck courses highly enough.

His attention to detail and comprehensive instructions in mobility, stability, flexibility and strength training are immensely valuable. The anatomy software that he uses makes understanding the structures of the human body so accessible, it really brings it to life.

Miranda Manning Press

<p>Daniele Tissi</p>

As a Soft Tissue Therapist I found all the courses extremely helpful and rich of knowledge for a small price. The anatomy videos are detailed and easy to follow, even though if you dont have basic anatomy knowledge you might not be able to keep up with some names or concepts, they still very enjoyable for both professionals or just people wanting to learn something more about human-movement.

I personally found very helpful the "nerves sections". Brad is very passionate and keeps things easy, the best part, which anyone can fully benefit from.

Daniele Tissi

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BRAND NEW COURSE: We recently launched another installment of the Bulletproof Series - The Core & Abdominals. You now have a chance to add that to the Bulletproof Super Bundle for an additional price and complete the full set of courses for the cheapest price possible!

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