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Getting Started With Microsoft Power Apps As A Beginner

Getting Started With Microsoft Power Apps As A Beginner

A 5-hour, live workshop that gets you started In Power Apps. With No Prior Experience Needed!

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<p>Paul Gallagher</p>

There's so much good stuff shared at these Summits that you need to rewatch many of the sessions. Great value for what you get!

Paul Gallagher

<p>Hermine Turner</p>

Just finished the Better Together - SharePoint and Teams recording by Bob German from yesterday and was blown away. Mark Jones hashtag#collab365 has done it again. This is why I get the All Access Pass. I have All-Access passes for all of the events thus far and looking forward to the last 3 events for the year. See here

Hermine Turner

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Get a massive 77% discount on Ahmads working with Data workshop to take your next step in Power Apps (May 26th 2pm UTC)  when you purchase it now! ...This workshop is ideal for those who want to develop advanced data infused business apps with Power Apps

The workshop covers:

  1. Getting your data from various Data sources and displaying it in your App.
  2. Working with your data effectively and effeciently.
  3. Advanced data scenarios, functions, and actions.

More details on the Power Apps Data Workshop

With Both workshops you really will be flying with Power Apps!!

Only $ 80.00

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