The FiveQuests eBook Seminar & Content Site

The FiveQuests eBook Seminar & Content Site

FiveQuests eBook Seminar & Content Site

  • Unlock a world of possibilities in one simple resource! "Discover the Ultimate Guide to Achieving Health, Wealth, Success, Tax, and Travel"
  • "Unlock the Secrets to Total Wellness, Financial Freedom, Professional Growth, Tax Planning, and Adventure"
  • "The Path to a Fulfilling Life: Health, Wealth, Success, Tax, and Travel Made Easy"
  • "Transform Your Life with the Power of Health, Wealth, Success, Tax, and Travel"

"Maximize Your Potential with a Comprehensive Approach to Health, Wealth, Success, Tax, and Travel"

ONLY $37.00 - Download Now

People Who Want:

  • A comprehensive guide to improving your health, wealth, success, tax planning, and travel
  • To Learn tips and strategies for total wellness and financial freedom
  • To discover the secrets to professional growth and adventure
  • To transform your life with a holistic approach to health, wealth, success, tax, and travel
  • Maximization of their potential and live a fulfilling life in all areas.
  • Inside Your Members Area You Will Find ...

Why You Should Own Your Own Home-Based Business

Tax Secrets on why you would be brain dead not to have a Home Based Business and MLM programs is a easy way to start.

The Own Your Quest App

How to use and download the Quest App for iOS or Android phones or tablets. Get all the up-to-date information, access to our profit-centers, personal development, online training. funding, relational & lead generation marketing, and more.

The FiveQuests Seminar

“Is what you’re doing today going to get you where you want to be tomorrow”?  Full one-hour recorded seminar. So, would you agree that to have “Freedom for Life” you need to have time, money, and good health to achieve this goal? That’s what the “Five Quests” are all about. Balance of health, wealth, success, tax, and travel.

Tax and Cash Flow Optimization, Recovery & Strategies

PROACTIVE accountant who uses the tax code to create tax savings all year long... who isn't satisfied with just delaying taxes until another day... and understands our philosophy of building wealth.  Powerful cash flow optimization techniques that have saved the average person $2,484/month

Webinar & Seminar Re-plays, Affiliate Program, and Valuable Downloads

Watch the Webinars & Seminar Videos. Learn from the valuable downloads, and earn 30% commissions on your direct sales, and 10% on your 2nd tier. Affiliate program to track your links, refer Life & Business Plans and Master Classes, and refer other Affiliates.


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  2. Free 30 Minute Strategy Session

Trusted By 1,000 + Clients!
Tony Knows Clients Very Well and is flexible to your Life & Businesses Needs!

"His book and seminar video is a timeless piece of work"

Currently the CEO of TMI & Associates, Inc., Tony has built a Tax & Business Advisement firm with clients throughout the continental United States, and a marketing network of individuals that help people to become their own coach of their lives, then help others achieve the same through the TMI & Associates program known as "Own Your Quest", which incorporates the Life Leadership program. This program is a further education relating to his book written in 2009 "The FiveQuests", and has helped thousands in their many quest's in life. Since it's publication over 12,000 copies have been sold and downloaded.


A Message from Tony;

Anthony L. Sama, AFSP
Tax & Business Adviser

Founder & CEO of TMI & Associates, Inc. and the Own Your Quest Platform.  Author of The FiveQuests  Platform  & Training Site

Hi I'm Tony Sama!
I know how hard it is to run a business and how valuable your time is and as a Tax & Business Adviser, I help people take control of their Life & Business. If you're ready to take your life and business to the next level, I'm here to help!

Get Your FiveQuests eBook, Video, & Content Site!

It's ONLY $37.00 for a Limited Time Offer

I've helped many small businesses achieve health, wealth, success, tax savings, and travel & savings with these strategies and methods.

Unlock your FiveQuests in life today! My comprehensive strategy will help you elevate your goals and maximize potential. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take charge of your life & business future - act now!

What our Members Are Saying

Neil Bascombe

Tony helped me get out of debt and at the same-time buy a new car and eventually I am a home owner now!  We used a strategy to reduce debt, lower payments, save money in a family bank, and build equity in our investments and home.  Thank you!

Neil Bascombe
Matt & Jillaine Piscitelli

I want to take a moment and thank Mr. And Mrs. Tony Sama. Tony is our accountant. He’s also Matt’s mentor. Owning your own business isn’t easy. Tony has given Matthew advice many times when he was ready to throw in the towel during the lows and then helped him to branch out and expand during the highs. Tony’s wife, Meg, would say “We got two good eggs!” Finances is an area that Tony has taught both of us so very much. When I saw Tony on Sunday he was speaking about Matthew’s golf game and how much he’s improved because he’s playing with people who are better golfers. The same thing is true in life. Are you surrounding yourself with people who are building you up and challenging you to be better? Well Matthew told Tony- Challenge Accepted!! Thank you Tony and Meg for treating us like family and always welcoming us into your home!! Thank you for pouring into Matthew and sharing all of your knowledge. We love you guys!!

Matt & Jillaine Piscitelli

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