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HourglassFit Fat-burner 3B1T

HourglassFit Fat-burner 3B1T

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HourglassFit Fat-burner
1) Burn Your Stubborn body-fat just like the professionals
2) Reduces Your Hunger cravings
3) 100% organic, all-natural ingredients
4) Boosts your body's natural metabolic rate 

HourglassFit Fat-burner was designed specifically to help real women burn body-fat. HourglassFit Fat-burner is a powerful but safe and side-effect free, fat-burning solution. Give your body the correct tools to fire up your natural fat burning, and finally reveal the silhouette you've worked so hard for.

What our Members Are Saying

Anthony Spade

Initially not expecting much, I started on day one with my morning pill just before breakfast. Within ten minutes I felt full without taking a bite, naturally I was a little surprised as I did not expect the appetite suppression to take effect so quickly.

I continued throughout the course, sticking strictly to my diet and consuming the four pills daily. I have since started the same plan again to really pin down the difference on and off LeanBean Fat-burner, there is clearly a big difference and my most recent eight week plan has been much tougher without the appetite suppression.

Anthony Spade
Sven Tillwood

At the beginning, working out was a piece of cake. I used to lose 4 – 5 kg (8.8 – 11 pounds) per month without any particular effort or supplements. Therefore, I thought that reducing my body fat down to 15% was feasible. Then without any obvious reason my body reacted. My metabolism got locked in its current level and I couldn’t lose any more fat.

I tried several things including visiting a nutritionist and some “popular” weight loss products without success. Any further attempt to increase the intensity of my workouts to burn more calories led to muscle loss. I was severely frustrated when I discovered the LeanBean Fat-burner.

Sven Tillwood

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