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Collab365 #GlobalCon5 - OnDemand Access

GlobalCon5 OnDemand Access

OnDemand access to all the GlobalCon5 session recording including Turbo Tuesdays, Dynamics Days and the main event.

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<p>Paul Gallagher</p>

There's so much good stuff shared at these Summits that you need to rewatch many of the sessions. Great value for what you get!

Paul Gallagher

<p>Hermine Turner</p>

Just finished the Better Together - SharePoint and Teams recording by Bob German from yesterday and was blown away. Mark Jones hashtag#collab365 has done it again. This is why I get the All Access Pass. I have All-Access passes for all of the events thus far and looking forward to the last 3 events for the year. See here

Hermine Turner

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