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The AIMasher Pro License includes nine (9) main features when fully completed and released to the public. These features include:

  1. Keyword Masher: Generate SEO-enhancing title prompts, expand content reach, and utilize a Topical Authority Enhancer for in-depth articles.
  2. Niche Ideas: Discover and capitalize on unique, profitable keyword topics and find brandable domain names for your website.
  3. Media Mixer: Store and automatically insert images and YouTube links into your content, enhanced with an EXIF inserter and AI image generation.
  4. Article Publisher: Bulk upload and improve articles with a full-featured HTML editor and publish them immediately or schedule over time.
  5. Article Re-Inventor: Create custom rewriting templates, add voice-overs, and auto-generate AI images to add a unique twist to existing content.
  6. RSSMasher Feed Rewriter: Integrate with RSSMasher for advanced "content-mashing" and autoblogging opportunities using RSSMasher’s template builder.
  7. The Content Engine: Input keywords to generate various AI article formats, ready for auto-posting to your websites.
  8. Cookbook Maker: Using AIMasher and Zimmwriter in tandem, you now create Cookbooks with beautifully illustrated recipes in eight genres. Simply start with an idea for a Cookbook and let AIMasher and Zimmwriter do the rest. With a final version ready to publish to Amazon as an ebook or a hard-cover book. Plus, we give you a bonus feature. Turn these cookbooks into recipe blog posts that can be individually published to your WordPress or Masher sites on autopilot. 
  9. Multi-AI Integrations: Coming in Spring 2024, there will be Three API model integrations that you can add to your account and will work seamlessly together: OpenAI, Anthropic, and Perplexity. 

Other RSSMasher integrations will include:

  1. RSS Feed Article Rewriting with multiple news feed styles.
  2. Instant Content Campaigns exported to RSSMasher's Mash. Where the AI content can be instantly blended into current mashes and syndication schedules.
  3. VoiceCasting: coming soon

Plus Pro License Launch Bonus: 500 auto-image credits per month.

Integrating AIMasher's Pro Monthly License into your workflow sets a new standard in AI-powered content creation. Unleash the full potential of your digital strategy and step into the future of content today.

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