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Revenue Accelerator

Revenue Accelerator

The Revenue Accelerator Membership Program is Live Coaching Delivered by Christian Small Business Consultants. Do you have to be a Christian to join? No, absolutely not. Our consulting comes from a Christian Background... meaning...we are here to serve you to the best of our ability. We will give you 100% of the best we have to offer every time we go live with you.

We wanted to level the playing field for you and your business. We see many Coaches and Consultants charging anywhere from $3000-$25,000 for Live Group Coaching for Small Buisness Owners. Not only that, but selling coarse after coarse (information) for $497-$5k plus. 

We have been where many of you are. We needed help. We couldn't find help. Why? We couldn't afford the price points. Typically you lack revenue when you are in need of help. Now, of course, we cannot offer everything free. We have families too. 

We deliver LIVE Group Coaching for an extremely affordable rate. One in which if you had a hunger to survive and thrive in business, you could cut back on coffee or cancel cable to afford LIVE coaching. 

The Revenue Accelerator Membership is Live Coaching delivered Bi-Weekly (2x's per month) Online through platforms like ZOOM. For just $67/month, or less than $2.25/day, you can get Live Coaching solutions for your business and our $10k course Revenue Accelerator Customer Attraction System delivered via live trainings in our Facebook Group Community Connections Customers. 

Get the help you need, then listen and learn as others get the help they need so you can implement the solutions we present to them in your own business. 

Plus, you get to join a community of business owners just like you to be a part of, to share struggles and challenges with, to ask for help from, etc. 

The Revenue Accelerator is EXACTLY what you have been looking for. There is no where that you will find such incredible help for your business at such an economical investment. Still cannot afford it? Are you sure? What are your priorities? Could you cancel Netflix? Cable? Reduce a phone bill? Cut back on dining/fast food? Cut back on coffee? ...etc.?

This program IS AFFORDABLE for every small business owner, but you may have to think creatively. We designed it so there are no excuses, nothing that could hold you back. 

Join Today! You will not regret it. It will be one of the wisest investments you have ever made to survive and thrive in business. 

Join today, get the help you need, get more revenue & customers, reclaim your time as you implement proven systems into your business. 


Revenue Acclerator Customer Attraction System
Live Coaching 2x's per month with replays available 24/7
Access to the Private Revenue Accelerator Facebook Group
Systematic Process to bring in new leads and customers
Step by Step solutions you can implement quickly
Answers to your most pressing questions
Clarity on first and next steps
FOCUS: Help Prioritizing
Increased Sales and Revenue
More customers and leads
Peace of mind

It's a Membership Program with an end date!

It's less than $2.25/day at just $67/month. After your 18th payment you will be FULLY INVESTED and a LIFETIME MEMBER at no additional charge. Can I get a BOOM! 

I have never seen a membership program with a "I'm Fully Vested and a Lifetime Member with No Further Payments" end date...have you? 

We look forward to seeing you on the inside. 

Jon and Keith
Your Christian Small Business
Consultants and Digital Marketers. 

P.S. Still not sure? You have 30 Days to decide if you like it...if you don't feel like we are serving you and your business 100%...Get a FULL refund just by asking for it. You have no risk, we take all the risk for you. Why? We have never been asked for a refund because of the value we offer our customers/clients. 

What do others say about us?

Don't take our word for it...listen to what others have to say...


  • My name is Krissy January, Business Manager of Omni Salon & Spa. Jon was 100% invested in helping me to take my business to the next level. I felt that he genuinely cared about my business as much as I do. Our time was laser focused. He came with brilliant ideas and a game plan to put them into action. 
  • My name is Bill, Owner of Bill's Poor Man Repair and I've increased repeat customers and our image. Jon Kapity's Revenue Accelerator Program is over-the-top in innovative fresh new ideas.
  • My name is Sharon Grant. Thanks Jon & Keith! I participated in your recent class & was able to develop a message & offer from the feedback I received.
  • My name is Ginny Seeley. I really enjoyed the training and coaching as well! I'll definitely be on tomorrow again and I'm excited! It was great!
  • My name is Paul Spiller. I have never met such a truly caring person as Jon. And the plans he developed for my business, Blew my mind! Jon is Very intelligent and on top of his game!
  • My name is Dawn Fernandez. I have known and worked with Jon for a couple of years. Jon is very genuine in everything he does, he is also highly professional and a Go-Giver. I highly recommend you contact Jon to help your business soar.
Don't take our word for it...listen to what others have to say...

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