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Habitude Warrior Mastermind Membership MASTER MEMBER 250

Habitude Warrior Mastermind Membership

Habitude Warrior Mastermind Membership MASTER MEMBER 250 Agreement:

Habitude Warrior Mastermind MASTER Membership: We are very excited to welcome you to our Habitude Warrior Mastermind. We meet twice a month, virtually, for a 90 min session. We will be following the outline and principles of the Mastermind Association. Sessions are designed to be 'to the point' and focused. We limit each mastermind group to 14 members per group.. this ensures each member gets to be in the ‘Opportunity Chair’ each month (typically once every other session). 

Once you register to become a member, please expect an email sent to you with instructions to follow to join our closed/private Facebook Group in which you will be introduced to your fellow members and a chance to introduce yourself. Also, we will be sending you through the welcome email your private zoom meeting link in which we meet for each mastemind session. 



As a "MASTER MEMBER" you are entitled to participate in ALL of our different mastermind group sessions. You can visit any group as often as you like. You will be assigned only ONE (1) "Master Group" which you will belong to in which you will also have access in that particular group to be in the Opportunity Chair. Also, as a Master Member you will also have a 5 min Presentation Time to give to your choice of one (1) Group per every 6 months in order to highlight your particular business. 


*** BONUS ***  For those who opt to pay the full discont price in one payment of the $3000 will receive a BONUS of 2 additional months of membership ! 

We are truly excited to welcome you to the group! 

Speaker Erik Swanson & the Habitude Warrior Mastermind Team Leads welcome you!

Habitude Warrior International

What our Members Are Saying

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

"Apply the HABITUDE WARRIOR mind-set and watch your habits and relationships change rapidly."

Brian Tracy
Les Brown

Les Brown

"Invite Speaker Erik Swanson to speak to your group and you'll be glad you did. His Habitude Warrior Mastermind is simply amazing!"

Les Brown

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