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<p>Francis Callahan</p>

Rodney is very Professional! Great to work with. I ran a Solo ad for my business, at first I gave him the wrong link. But contacted him real quick to give him my correct link and he corrected everything for me. Out of 32 people that entered there info on my capture page, 10 People Upgraded! Thats 10 Sales without me following up! Im Very Happy and definitely recommend working with Rodney!

Francis Callahan

<p>Trisha Smith</p>

Rodney is a great solo ad provider. On my most recent solo ad I got a 48% optin rate and 2 automatic signups so far. What makes Rodney different is that he is all about over delivery, not just in terms of his traffic, but with his support, training and the overall experience. It's always a pleasure doing business with Rodney.

Trisha Smith

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