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Exact Step-by-step plan how to let nature itself make disease prevention, remission and rejuvenation possible:

-End Cravings/ Boost Energy/ Loose fat

-Flush out inflammation (pre-cursor of (all) dis-eases)

-Reset, regenerate, build and boost your immune system
(scientific studies included)

-Switch off inherited disease genes (scientific studies)

-Reset your Physical Age (measurable Bio hacking)

-Reset your health (scientific studies)

-Radical boost in Clarity of thought

-Natural Detailed balanced Meal plans

-Natural Muscle development Hacking

-very powerful practical Longevity Hacks!

-Scientific Studies included!

-Best of ancestral-health-heritage combined with latest muscle-and-bio-hacking-science turned in a simple to follow enjoyable step-by-step plan

What our Members Are Saying

Jeff - South Africa

"For the last 10 years of my life, I've been trying to find a way to have peace in day to day life. I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety, a lot of resistance.
Although the things I learned in some of the courses have been on, have been valuable, I find your course fantastic:

Having really achieved that 'calm' inside, that I've been looking for for so long.
So for that reason, I really want to recommend this course. I wanne say it's worth every cent and I wanne encourage you to take it as soon as possible."

(quotes from video testimonial)

Jeff - South Africa
Suzanne - Australia

"Hi Tom, I just want to express my feelings about Fearless Membership Experience 
and the journey you have taking me on the last couple of weeks.
I just got to say thank you so much Tom, you are a joy to the world!

Such enlightment I feel, unburdaned from my past.
The way I used to react to things, just gone!
I just feel so free! Ligthbulb moments, many of them.
Coming inside my head, just as I'm taking the videos and the checklists through.

Very well put together Tom. Thank you very much for that.
It's very easy to follow. Very enlgithing.
It's actually life-changing!

I've totally experienced the exprience! It is mind-opening, freeing!
I journey which I wish I have done when I was younger, actually."

(quotes from video testimonial)

Suzanne - Australia
Jonathan - USA

It's definitely over the course of the short while that I have used it, it caused me to identify and implement strategies to tackling many of the fears that have been controlling me a good part of my life, causing a lot of self sabotage.

Before I was very anxious, I was very insecure with myself, not sure of myself and made decisions of a place of being controlled.

I no longer think in those terms. I've slowly but surely started to adopt a different way of going about addressing my fears to the point where they don't control me anymore. I'm getting in touch with myself, I'm starting to be more fulfilled with myself and stopped really looking outside of myself for that fulfilment. I'm not playing that game anymore.

The insights that the program has provided, has really been a real game changer for me going forward into the future.

So I just wanted to say, if you are on the fence about this program, if you are wondering if this program will work for you: it definately will provide, focus on what he's saying, implement it and make it a part of you.

(Quotes from video testimonial)

Jonathan - USA
Head Jacked

"Most people have been head jacked. 
This guy is right on ;-)"

Head Jacked

"This video series is truly Amazing, I wish that everybody has the chance to watch this."

Nina - Australia

"Wow...just done it again. Thank you!"

Nina - Australia
Oliver - Berlin

Your videos have touched me so incredibly deep, that I'm not having any words but THANK YOU!

Oliver - Berlin

Awesome. Just recommended this to a friend!

Carina - Sweden

Hi Tom. Thank you for your guidence. I realised by listening to you I have found what I have been searching for.

Carina - Sweden

I have spent a lot of time searching why I feel stuk within, sabotaging myself. Years have been spent on self awareness, psychology, counselling course and trying to see things differently, mediation, mindfulness, but still blocked You explain this so well, the contact of your experience and knowledge. Showing visual examples are helping me to really absorb all this. Thank you!

Lucinda - Texas

I, too, have read and read, searched and searched and this is the best!!

Lucinda - Texas

This is a total game changer man! No-one has ever said it this clearly. The best speech of all times. Seriously. Thank you so much!


Hi Tom,
You're videos are so clear and so easy to follow! Thank you so much for sharing!

Linda - Glasgow

WOW!!! I do believe you've found an Einstein type of FORMULA to ALL of life's problems here Tom, AWESOME!


Linda - Glasgow

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