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DFY Calendar Single 5x5 Quad Stack

DFY Calendar Single 5x5 Quad Stack

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Dan Kurtz Crushes It -- Check It Out

Dan K
I was running a test about 2 weeks ago with creating the Calendar stack and then modifying it the way Gary teaches, 
and I've had some immaculate results. This is for a national client in a legal sub-niche, running everything Gary 
has mentioned in the docs, and just tweaking the calendar stack to be 48 calendars deep instead of 4. Nothing else 
has been done to the site, nothing changed for on-page, and it's taking off at a decent clip.

Next up, is doing the calendar cash method with a twist to each of the service pages by mirroring them on the G-site,
 with 1 link in the header of that page directly to the matching page. It's a bit of extra work, but the results speak 
for themselves. Now on page 2 for 2 keywords totaling 50k searches a month.

Dan Kurtz Crushes It -- Check It Out

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  • DFY Calendar Single 5x5 Quad Stack

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