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How To Make Big Money With Small Lists

How To Make Big Money From Small Lists

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With your investment today you'll get EVERYTHING you need to generate a neurosurgeon's income from even a teeny tiny list! So order NOW!

What our Members Are Saying

$36,400 In Sales With A Tiny List... While On Vacation!

"If you're not using Doberman Dan's email techniques you must hate capitalism. With just one past client who had a tiny list of 1,259 subscribers, I sold $36,400 worth of info products... while I was on vacation in Santa Barbara. That's how quick and easy his methods are to generate piles of cash."

- Sean Mysel, Dana Point, California 

$36,400 In Sales With A Tiny List... While On Vacation!
$12,500.00 Our First Month In Business!

"Wow! Using just one of Dan's simple strategies, we made $12,500.00 our first month in business. And we're barely getting warmed up. Doberman Dan is the real deal, and if you have a chance to learn from him, you are a fool if you don't take it."

- Brocton Rye, CEO Steam Engine Solutions,

$12,500.00 Our First Month In Business!
Almost $2 Million My First Year!

"With Dan’s guidance I launched a new business the very end of last year. It has grown quickly and in my first full year in business I did a little under $2 million. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Doberman Dan I highly recommend you take it."

- Kevin Wichtendahl, Adel, Iowa

Almost $2 Million My First Year!
$87,000/Year 'Auto-Pilot' Business Started In Only One Month!

"After all the thousands I've invested in various courses and materials, Dan's advice has been the most valuable in helping me build a profitable health and fitness publishing company. His coaching allowed me to start a new business from my kitchen table with practically no capital… and create a part-time business in only one month, currently on track to make $87,000 its first year… completely on auto-pilot!"

- Chris Stella, Boston Massachusetts

$87,000/Year 'Auto-Pilot' Business Started In Only One Month!

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