Musicality Fundamentals by Joaquin Arteaga

[Pre-Order] Musicality Fundamentals
by Joaquin Arteaga of Tromboranga


Joaquin Arteaga is a Venezuelan musician, creator, bandleader, composer and timbalero of Tromboranga salsa orchestra based in Barcelona, Spain. Joaquin organizes and teaches percussion salsa workshops and musicality for salsa dancers in English and Spanish all around the world.

Joaquin will guide you in understanding how Salsa music is structured to improve your dancing. You will learn about the dynamics, instruments, and rhythms in each section of a salsa tune.

Module 1: Basic Rhythmic Theory
- Pulse & Sounds
- Counting
- Bars, Downbeats & Upbeats
- Accents, Offbeats & Syncopation
- The Clave Concept
Module 2: Identifying Sounds of Instruments
- Percussion: Congas
- Percussion: Congas
- Percussion: Bongó
- Timbales or Pailas
- Güiros & Maracas
- Bass
- The Piano
- Orchestral Formats
Module 3: Standard Structure of Salsa Songs
- Basic Structure
- Introduction of a Salsa Song
- Body or Verse
- Montuno Section
- Mambo Section
Module 4: Coordination Exercises
- How To Do Coordination Exercises
- Exercise #1 • Walking & Clapping
- Exercise #2 • Dancing & Clapping
- Exercise #3 • Walking with Clave
- Exercise #4 • Dancing with Clave
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