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Bronze Annual Subscription

Bronze Annual Subscription

The ImpressVids Bronze Annual Subscription provides 1 NEW RELEASE Video per month.

Features of the Bronze Annual Subscription:

  • Custom logo video

  • Professional design

  • 12 videos per year

  • Delivered on the First Tuesday of Each Month

  • $180 value for only $108

What our Members Are Saying

<p>JP James Wilson</p>

"I reached out to ImpressVids to do an intro & outro video animation for our Student Ministry videos. They were extremely helpful and timely in producing a quality product we love. These videos communicate excellence for our ministry. I highly recommend ImpressVids!”

JP James Wilson

<p>Patrick Miller</p>

"I would recommend ImpressVids to other ministries because it enhances your brand among students. My students love the videos and wanted to know how I did it! They definitely saw it as something special@ I love it and it looks professional. I couldn’t create anything that unique or special" 

Patrick Miller

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