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$47 Adjustment + Y-Strap + X-rays + Exam w/ Dr. Travis Fahey

Complete Chiropractic Health Screening - Dr. Matt McNabb

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  • Relief Adjustment
  • Exam
  • X-rays
  • Doctor's Report of Findings


⚠️ Warning: We are absolutely closing the doors at 10 new patients because we still need to be able to focus on all the patients we already have.

We understand, you may be skeptical or have tried other treatments in the past that do not work. If you don’t experience results from your first treatment the we will refund you 100% on the spot!



What our Clients Are Saying

<p>Chrystal T.</p>

I have been seeing Dr. Travis for about a month and a half. While I still have a way to go along my journey, I have shown great improvement. My neck was off by 119degrees. It is now approx 109 degrees. My hips were off by 4 degree and they are now completely even. I am sleeping through the night where before I was awakened several times by the pain in my body. I’ve still a long road but I’m grateful I found him. I was facing incontinence and truly believe I was headed for disability. I was walking on a cane half the time. Today I’m actually wearing normal shoes and not the prescriptive ones for pain.

Chrystal T.

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  • $47 Adjustment + Y-Strap + X-rays + Exam w/ Dr. Travis Fahey

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