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Piano Academy

Piano Academy

Everything you get with your FREE trial today:

  • Complete access to Level 1 of our 5 Level piano course that includes 6-14 comprehensive lessons per level. The entire course is about 2-5 years of professional piano training. (Subsequent levels are available to paid subscribers as they are ready for them.)
  • Enrolling for a free trial today guarentees you a $69.95 $22.95/m membership deal. Risk free. Cancel at anytime!
  • A blueprint for success that comprehensively guides you to mastery step by step, from professional pianists.
  • Rapid learning through our efficient approach (3-4 times faster).
  • Guaranteed growth and success
  • Lessons on technique, sight-reading, theory, note reading, ear training, practicing, performance and more!

What our Members Are Saying


Masterful Musician is a well thought out, thorough and fun program. Chetan and Melissa are excellent guides - they teach in a way which is easy to understand without being patronizing. The lessons are organized in short videos, which show you clear ways to improve and enjoy playing more.


At the age of 71, I decided I wanted to truly learn music and learn to play the piano. I bought an electronic keyboard and thought I could use the internet to learn to play.  While there are any number of youtube videos and websites that offer piano lessons, none seemed to be working for me.  

Chetan is a wonderful teacher who focuses on instilling within the student the importance of fundamentals.  Not just the fundamentals of the instrument, but the essential fundamentals of music. Each of Chetan’s lessons emphasizes the critical components of both technique and theory, so the student gets a complete and balanced step-by-step approach to learning.

I highly recommend Chetan Tiera’s course.  It is worth every moment of effort and will bring you a lifetime of musical enjoyment.  Thank you, Chetan, for this incredible course.  Thank you so much.


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