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Instructional film on Dianetics technique, complementing the Self Analysis system.

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  • Self Analysis Home Study Program

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Self Analysis Home Study Program

Self Analysis Home Study Program

The Self Analysis Home Study Program covers the 12 problematic areas of living that could be holding you back from your full potential—and how to fix each.

Your Program Includes:

  • #1. Self Analysis Workbook
    A sturdy 371-page Self Analysis manual in spiral bound workbook format. By using the manual daily, you can start building your confidence and increasing your potential for career success, long-term relationships, financial prosperity, and so much more.
    $20 value

  • #2. Self Analysis Extension Course
    Takes you through the Self Analysis manual chapter by chapter, with study exercises to bring you to a fuller understanding of the program lessons, principles, and materials.
    $30 value

  • #3. One-on-One Self Analysis Coaching
    As you complete each lesson, send in the assignment. Our certified Course Coach will grade it, provide any instructions she feels necessary, and return it to you. Meantime, do not wait for a reply, but get started on your next lesson.
    $100 value

  • #4. Certificate of Completion
    Upon successful completion of the Extension Course, you will be awarded a certificate indicating you are a successful Self Analysis Extension Course Graduate.

R. D. — Los Angeles, CA

R. D. — Los Angeles, CA

“My main purpose for using Self Analysis was that I felt I was sabotaging a romantic relationship I was in. The seemingly simplistic questions in the book, when answered honestly, brought greater clarification and self-awareness to my consciousness. This book helped to save my relationship with my significant other.”

Laura Ras

Laura Ras

“There’s just nothing like the adventure of self-discovery. And Self Analysis is so easy to use—a wealth of wisdom, joy, and understanding.”

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