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Instructional film on Dianetics technique, complementing the Self Analysis system.

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  • Self Analysis Home Study Program

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Self Analysis Home Study Program

Self Analysis Home Study Program

Do you really know yourself? Now you can, with the Self Analysis Home Study Program.

Your Program Includes:

  • #1. Self Analysis Workbook
    A 309-page spiral-bound workbook containing 22 self-processing lists and 1,872 individual questions to help you explore your past, your potentials and your life. $20 value

  • #2. Self Analysis Extension Course
    A complete extension course which can be done online or by mail, with 120 exercises to increase your ease and speed of study. $30 value

  • #3. Expert Guidance from a Trained Specialist
    You will receive expert guidance from a trained specialist to assist you to make the most progress—with full understanding. This is a free service to help you achieve the life-changing results that are possible with Self Analysis.

  • #4. Certificate of Completion
    Upon successful completion of the Extension Course, you will receive full accreditation and a printed certificate sent to you by mail.

Jason Dohring – Actor

Jason Dohring – Actor

“Self Analysis gave me a way of handling the stresses and strains of life in the entertainment industry. We all have problems we encounter—negative thoughts, lack of confidence, irrational fears, worries, and countless other things that suppress creativity and accomplishment. Self Analysis had the tools to take away the negativity, freeing me up so I could be more powerful in achieving my intentions and goals and changing my life for the better.”

Sheri Hamilton – Business Executive

Sheri Hamilton – Business Executive

“Self Analysis lays out a beautifully simple process that allowed me to achieve a complete personal renaissance. There were points in my life when I felt I would never make it to my goals for love, family or career. But after reading and applying the powerful principles in this book, I feel that I have reached a 10 out of 10 on the scale of my hopes and dreams. You just can't put a price on that!”

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