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Habitude Warrior Special Edition Series - The Book of Mentors Book Series - Compassionate Pricing Discount Legal Agreement:

We are very excited for you to take this amazing journey with us! As a Contributing Author in our series, you will be surrounding yourself with elite individuals as well as aligning yourself and co-authoring books with some of the most famous and respected personal development leaders on the planet. Each book volume in this series will come out every 4 months from the original launch date (Target Dates: July 2023, Nov 2023, March 2024, and July 2024... dates may differ slighly depending on publishing and marketing scheduling). Each book volume in The Book of Mentors will focus on honoring each of the four Legacy Legends, Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, and Jim Rohn, along with 13 Celebrity Authors. YOU will write 1 chapter in each of the 4 books (about 1300 to 1500 word count per chapter/book) and focus on a choice of a few topics we will provide you in which each of the Legacy Legends mentored the world in. In each book you will write 1/2 of your chapter with the focus on the Legacy Legend and the other 1/2 of the chapter focusing on one of the Celebrity Authors in that particular book volume. And, don't worry... our team is here to assist in guiding you into writing your chapter. It's very simple and awesome! 


THE BOOK OF MENTORS BOOK VOLUME TOPICS: Our choices for this year's Legacy Legends were very simple and clear as each of one of them had changed the world with their mentorship and contribution. Their work had been instrumental to millions upon millions of individuals in their personal and business development space and continues to live on as they truly are Legacy Legends! Our series, The Book of Mentors, will include a modern day approach and outlook teaching our readers the all-important and vital principles we have all learned from these Legacy Legend mentors. Our Celebrity Authors will also share their creative principles of success that they learned from these Legacy Legends as well. Our Contributing Authors will not only honor each of our Legacy Legends, but also honor one of our Celebrity Authors in their mentorship to the world. We will be inviting each of our Celebrity Authors to share an intimate and private conversation and training session on a private zoom call only with our Contributing Authors - that's YOU! 

Book Volume #1: Honoring Legacy Legend Zig Ziglar

Book Volume #2: Honoring Legacy Legend Bob Proctor

Book Volume #3: Honoring Legacy Legend Dr. Wayne Dyer

Book Volume #4: Honoring Legacy Legend Jim Rohn



There are so many benefits in joining us in this amazing and awesome book series! First off, of course, if you are not yet a #1 Best-Selling Author... get ready to become one! In fact, not only will you become a Best-Selling Author... you will become a 4 Time #1 Bestseller! That's amazing all in and of itself. If you already are a #1 Bestseller, then you can simply add these 4 on top of your other bestsellers. This will get much more exposure on you to hire YOU to work with so many more clients and lead generation and get a lot more stages for you around the world. This is exactly how Speaker Erik "Mr. Awesome" Swanson did it! Another huge benefit we wanted to make sure we included is the exclusivity factor in which we only allow 33 contributing authors to sign on as a Pay to Play to this project for the 4 book volume series. We know that other collaborative book projects allow 50 to even 100 authors to join their series, which in our opinion saturates the book and does not give YOU the great marketing, exclusivity you are looking for. Trust us, we know this is a huge benefit that you will thank us for once you get involved. Another amazing benefit is that you will be aligning yourself and co-authoring 4 major books with some of the top names in the industry of personal and self development from around the world. This is what's called 'Celebrity Branding!' This is such a fantastic and invaluable marketing technique, which we have already taken care of for you. Another huge benefit in joining our team and book series is that we have set this up to continue to help market you throughout the next 12 months, keeping YOU in the limelight and front page news for your success. We know, it's brilliant! That is why we all call him Mr. Awesome!  


Each of our books will be formatted and launched as a hard cover book, paper back book, digital e-book (& audio version based on author participation). 


Absolutely! Yes, you are able to purchase bulk copies of the books and resell them or gift them as you see fit. Once we launch each book title, we will send each of our contributing authors an email to get a headcount in who is interested in buying books in bulk... or what we call 'Car Stock'. This is something we offer as a courtesy through our Publishing & Vendor Partners. A minimum # of total books needs to be collectively reached and ordered by all of the co-authors in order to qualify for the discounted rates. The program is not guaranteed as pricing changes as printing costs change. But, we are here to extend the discounted rate that we are able to get. If each contributing author purchases about 50 to 75 copies, we have gotten the discounted bulk book rates down below wholesale to anywhere from $9 to $11 each book for the hard covers and anywhere from $6 to $8 for the paperbacks. You are welcome to sell them for their regular retail pricing which will be listed on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Book A Million, Books Inc, etc. for $24.99 for hard covers and $19.99 for paperbacks. 


Each of our books will be limited to 33 “Pay to Play” Contributing Authors. Each book will also include our Habitude Warrior Partners Team Authors and each book will also include at least 3 Celebrity Authors and 1 Celebrity Foreword. So, at the end of the day, each book may contain up to about 40 to 45 of us…. keeping it very exclusive as we want to use that as a great marketing strategy. 


To join our Habitude Warrior Special Series 4 book volume program is only

HUGE SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY PRICING WITH BONUSES = $13,000 total! (While Author Spots are still Available)

* Please Note: There is absolutely no cancelations or refunds whatsoever. No exceptions. These compassionate rates are based on the 4 book volume series project. Therefore, you must complete the 4 book series. Otherwise you agree for HABITUDE WARRIOR INTERNATIONAL LLC to charge your credit or debit card on file for the total of $5000.00 per book for each of the 4 books, totaling $20,000.00 If for some reason you miss the submission deadlines to turn in each of your chapters after the grace period for each of the books in the 4 volume book series, you forego being in that particular volume and will submit for the next volume in the series. Again, no exceptions. If for some reason you default on the completed series, your name and chapters will be taken out of any and all books in the series in which you were already published.. and still be liable for the total of $20k. So, simply said, it's a GREAT discount and please make sure you honor the payment.



We have set up the process to be simple and awesome 

1) Simply complete this form below and sign up! 

2) Sit back, relax, and get ready to join us on this amazing jouney to becoming a 4 Time #1 Best-Selling Author with us!

3) High five the person sitting right next to you right now and tell them how excited you are! That person might even be yourself. In that case, simply walk over to the nearest mirror and high five yourself!

We are truly excited to welcome you to our Habitude Warrior Special Series - The Book of Influence Book Series and can't wait to get started soon! 

Speaker Erik Swanson & the Habitude Warrior Executive Team welcome you!

Habitude Warrior International

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