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Vegan Fat Shredding Secrets


This book is going to teach you how to rapidly transform your body. It’s going to help you silence the doubters, challenge the status quo, and inspire others around you to go vegan. Your transformation MATTERS... both for your health and fitness, but also for multiplying your impact in the world. And this book is going to give you the formula.

​✔Vegan Fat Shredding Secrets will help you implement a proven formula for vegan health and fitness success...

​✔Vegan Fat Shredding Secrets will guide you on a path to rebuilding your beliefs about what is possible for your fitness and life...

​✔Vegan Fat Shredding Secrets will teach you how to make a sustainable fit vegan lifestyle so you'll never again fall off track or hit a plateau...

Noor Daghistani

"I am BLOWN AWAY by all the great information in this book! Finally a book that combines evidence-based information on healthy plant-based eating and losing body fat."

Noor Daghistani
Lydia Ortiz

"This book is SO GOOD! I have been searching forever for a vegan book on health & fitness! These guys are absolutely incredible and I owe a lot of my success to them!"

Lydia Ortiz
David Allen

"If you're going to make serious progress you're going to need a plan. This book was really great in helping to understand the science and the plan to cut fat and keep muscle as a vegan. I'm really glad it exists as a resource to help get things on track, truly a go-to for building meal plans and strategy!"

David Allen
Kate Maser

"This book leads the way with practical science-backed advice that will help you to not only lose fat and get sculpted, but to cultivate the right mindset to lead a healthy, fulfilling life driven by progressive improvement."

Kate Maser

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The Vegan Booty Book: This “breakthrough, evidence-based guide” will teach you my simple (yet POWERFUL) formula for sculpting the peachy vegan booty of your dreams.


In this book, I’ll teach you the 3 CRUCIAL diet principles, my top 21 booty-building exercises, and my Booty “Sweet Spot” method that will all guarantee your booty looks “full,” peachy, and sculpted, NOT flat or droopy.

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