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Bulletproof Ultimate Bundle

OMNI P-rehab | Ultimate Bundle

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Get lifetime access to 4 of the main Bulletproof series + the posture program as a free bonus. Don't forget that when you become a member of the series, you will have access to all current and future content that we upload.

You can also complete your package by adding Brad's bespoke 1-1 programming service, which can be tailored to your specific needs. 



<p>Emma C</p>

I am super impressed by the quality and quantity of these products and how helpful they are, not only in my own rehabilitation but also as a sports professional. 

I would highly recommend buying the whole series at such a great price! Worth 4 x the amount if not more!

Emma C

<p>Clan Greggor</p>

I highly recommend OMNI Body HealthCare courses to all; they have really helped my training, therefore when I'm teaching privates. 

Highly informal, professional and approachable when contacting them directly. Please don't waste your time/ money looking at any other companies!!!

Clan Greggor

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SAVE $50 ON THIS OFFER: Join our bespoke 1-1 programming service, where Brad becomes your coach. You can use his expertise to help fix a chronic injury, learn more about working with injuries, help your clients, or grow your healthcare business. Brad has been working with people in-clinic and online for many years now and this individually tailored programming is the best value for money you can get and get to use his knowledge. 

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