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Habitude Warrior Mastermind Package RENEWAL RATE 150 - 12 month Access

Habitude Warrior Mastermind Package Renewal

Habitude Warrior Mastermind Package Membership - Renewal Rate ~ 12 month Access Agreement:

We are very excited to welcome your renewal to our Habitude Warrior Masterminds

Habitude Warrior Mastermind Package Membership INCLUDES:

1) HABITUDE WARRIOR MASTERMINDS: Full Access to all of our Habitude Warrior Mastermind Sessions where we limit each group to 14 members and have an open topic forum/mastemind as well as access as a member to request an "Opportunity Chair" for a 10 min spot during sessions to receive counsel from our other members as well as the Habitude Warrior Exec Team. 

2) GLOBAL SPEAKERS MASTERMINDS: Full Access to all of our Global Speakers Mastermind and Masterclass Sessions where we meet twice a month. First session is our Masterclass where we invite a famous leader/speaker to shine and share their wisdom in a Masterclass Interview style session. The second session of the month is our open forum/mastermind session where our members gather together to discuss the lessons learned from the previous masterclass session.

3) SPECIAL BONUS MASTERCLASSES: Full Access to all of our Special Bonus Masterclasses during the month  held on the First Thursday of each Month at 11 am pst for 90 min typically with a Special Guest Speaker.

Extra BONUS: You will be bonused to the "Master Member" privaleges... 


As a "MASTER MEMBER" you are entitled to participate in ALL of our different mastermind group sessions. You can visit any group as often as you like. You will be assigned only ONE (1) "Master Group" which you will belong to in which you will also have access in that particular group to be in the Opportunity Chair. Also, as a Master Member you will have a 10 min 'FEATURED MEMBER SPOTLIGHT' spot. (Once per 6 months in order to highlight your particular business at the time).

*** THIS IS A SPECIAL RENEWAL PRICED OFFER *** It is our company Owner's idea that we feel our members should be rewarded with a discount to continue year after year with our tribe/family of success. So, rather than raising the rates after the first year with us, we would prefer to lower the rates to reward you! By signing up, you acknowledge and agree that it is an addition 12 month commitment with no exceptions. We will continue to renew you at this special Renewal Rate year after year, until cancelation. 


We are truly excited to continue to welcome you as an awesome member! 

Habitude Warrior Mastermind Team 

Habitude Warrior International

What our Members Are Saying

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

"Apply the HABITUDE WARRIOR mind-set and watch your habits and relationships change rapidly."

Brian Tracy
Les Brown

Les Brown

"Invite Speaker Erik Swanson to speak to your group and you'll be glad you did. His Habitude Warrior Mastermind is simply amazing!"

Les Brown

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  • Habitude Warrior Mastermind Package RENEWAL RATE 150 - 12 month Access

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