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Buffer Site Wizard Pro

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The Buffer Site Wizard allows you to Create 100% Optimized content for ANY Keyword, It will create brand new sites and fill them with optimized content and will help you rank inside of google and major search engines.

What our Members Are Saying

Geoff Lord

"I am showing some great ranking results and am continually using the tool to target competitors for one of my clients who is over the moon with the results. This is the BEST ever tool created by Abbas Ravji and I am sure this will be a game-changer for many."

Geoff Lord
Michael Bryan

"I used the software to generate content for an existing flooring site that has been stuck on the 6th page for my friend.
After 2 days 5 kws have shot up between 5 and 13 places
Impressive for maybe 15 mins work"

Michael Bryan
Darron Hodgkinson

"OMG Abbas just had my first play with the software.

This might just be the most dangerous bad boy you’ve created to date!

The content generation process is pure genius and better in terms of results that a paid monthly service that’s on offer at the moment for over $100 per month.

Congrats mate I’m looking forward to seeing what damage can be done with this.

The possibilities are endless ; ) "

Darron Hodgkinson

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