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Brain-Mind Expansion Intensive (DL)

The accelerated learning powerhouse to improve memory, concentration, and retention!

Brain-Mind Expansion Intensive (DL)

What You Get Today

  • “Long-Term Memory” is for increased retention and recall of important information from books, magazines, and meetings, or facts and figures which you want to recall over a lengthy period of time.
  • “Short Term Memory” is for organizing smaller bits of information, such as details related to your daily schedule, remembering names, faces, phone numbers, directions, and associational links.
  • “Concentration” is for enhanced focus while studying, conducting research, or “paying attention” while operating in multiple environments – or in a single environment with multiple stimulations.
  • “Eliminating Self-Sabotage” is for re-programming the negative “old tapes” that undermine new patterns for thought and behavior – especially regarding mental abilities and intelligence.

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Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

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