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An original recorded lecture by L. Ron Hubbard on Dianetics, bringing key concepts to life.

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  • Complete Dianetics How-To Kit

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Complete Dianetics How-To Kit

The Complete Dianetics How-To Kit

The best way to master the technology of Dianetics quickly is with The Complete Dianetics How-To Kit.

Your Program Includes

  • Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health Book
    In high-quality trade paperback format, this 677-page book contains the full technology of Dianetics. $25 value

  • Instructional film How to Use Dianetics on Blu-ray and DVD
    A high-definition blu-ray presentation (with DVD alternates included) which takes you through each aspect of the application of Dianetics.  $25 value

  • The Dianetics Lectures & Demonstrations
    Four recorded lectures wherein L. Ron Hubbard personally gives a description and demonstration of Dianetics application—the only such demonstration available. $50 value

  • The Dianetics Extension Course
    To enhance your reading experience on the L. Ron Hubbard book you purchased... and to help you put what you learn to use faster... our chapter-by-chapter extension course is now available! $35 value

E. T. - Minneapolis, USA

E. T. - Minneapolis, USA

My experience with Dianetics has been very powerful. I was feeling overwhelmed with not enough time to do everything I wanted to do. I was experiencing the day-to-day stresses of a 9 to 5 job... I have been able to diffuse that emotion and I am doing very well now. I feel clear-headed and much less overwhelmed. I am accomplishing a lot in my life and I feel happy.

Jamie T. - Portland, USA

Jamie T. - Portland, USA

Since my first experience with Dianetics, I have opened my eyes to others more and my relationships with my family and friends are better than ever. I didn’t realize before just how much a bad incident had affected my life and put a wall between me and those around me. I can tell you right now that it does affect you and in ways you don’t realize.

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