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Beyond Yoga - $10 Off!

You're almost there - Order Below and Save $10! 

Known in the martial arts world as the exercise series that builds your immune system to the point where you "never get sick again," Beyond Yoga might just be the missing key you've been searching for!

And the best only takes 8 minutes! 

Includes step-by-step instruction with front, back and side visuals to make it SUPER EASY to follow along PLUS an uninterrupted guided practice session.

Hear from my students

Dr Zia Nix

Dr Zia Nix

Perhaps because she truly lives by the principles and theory she teaches, I find it so easy to understand what Karen is sharing and apply in daily life as well as in training. Karen's class is fun and uplifting and she makes you feel like you're right there in the room with her!

Jen Chase

Jen Chase

I would highly recommend Karen’s workshops. The exercises were good for all levels, and the immediate results or “feelings of energy” are so strong immediately that the message of love clearly is evident, especially after practicing so briefly.

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