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Knowledge Productisation

Transform your experience, your knowledge, your hard-won expertise into products [Map, create and sell your own ‘Product-for-Suspects’]

What outcomes are you seeking?

Boost authority...

"I enhanced my reputation as an authority, it didn't cost me a gazillion and I've already sold $10k in just a little over a week.." Gregory Conroy

Boost authority...
Gain confidence...

"When I first signed up, I felt excited. And then, suddenly, I was scared and started to question myself. Can I do this? It turns out I AM able to create compelling content and AM able to execute strategies that no-one in my industry is even contemplating."  Kathryn Chapman

Gain confidence...
Do less better...<br>

"The course forces you to re-imagine HOW you do business, or more correctly, how you can do what you do better… Cheaper, faster, smarter... and save time." Andre Amrein

Do less better...
Pre-sell and pre qualify...

I'm loving it when a prospect has gone through my funnel and they're pre-sold before I even start to talk! Even my seventeen year old son, Louis, is getting an early start in business thanks toi James and his training." Robert Goudie

Pre-sell and pre qualify...

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