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For Only Regular $550 $100 Prelaunch Incentive!  An Unprecedented $80% savings

[Once you complete the course & bonuses, in exchange for this advanced price concession,
we respectfully ask that you provide us with your honest product review regarding the 6
Core Lessons [Lessons 1-6]
 which takes only 1 hour 3 minutes if viewed at one sitting. 
We retain the right to publish your review nationally and internationally and in any suitable
medium.  Further details about this will be sent to your email address upon enrollment.

We have dedicated products and services which can be seen on over 6,000 websites and we are scheduled
to piggyback some of our highest quality testimonials on those pages.

ADVANTAGE 1- 6 Module Video Lessons. Full Video Based Training
Total Prelaunch Value $550

VIDEO Lesson #1 Prime Ticket Formula Fundamentals. You'll learn the foundation for creating Best of & Top List Campaigns!

VIDEO Lesson #2 Client Prospecting Mastery. You'll learn how to prospect for free online without having to buy leads!

VIDEO Lesson #3 Campaign Positioning Mastery. You'll learn how to position each campaign for maximum fun and profit!
VIDEO Lesson #4 Exact Email Subject Formula Mastery.  You'll learn advanced proven email subject headlines for gaining affluent clients! 

VIDEO #5 Exact Cold Email Opener Script Prospect Mastery.  You'll learn precisely how to script your cold email in order to get a positive reply!

VIDEO Lesson #6 Global Brands, Celebrity &VIP Sales Conversion Mastery.  You'll learn how to close $5,000, $8,000 and $12,000 per month 
clients by leveraging global brands & A-list celebrities.  

Total Prelaunch Value $550

Exclusive Member Bonuses!*

ADVANTAGE 2- 10 EXCLUSIVE ADVANCED Video Bonus Lessons. Full Video Based Training

Advanced Tactical Bonus 1- My Personal Help From A-Z.  Covers content from 3 executive predessesor training levels leading
up to TopListAgency™. CrownStrategy™, CrownStrategyElite™, and CrownStrategy Express™

Total Prelaunch Value $375 per hour

Bonus 2- Office Hours, Odd Hours, & Weekend Support Friendly. 

VIDEO Bonus 3- New 40-Proven Done for You Campaign Templates Pack
VIDEO Bonus 4- New Essential Legal Templates Pack. 
[Scheduled as OTO 1 bundle] Total Prelaunch Value $89.00

VIDEO Bonus 5- Blind Spots to Avoid Strategy Lecture. 
VIDEO Bonus 6- Get your share of the 500 Billion dollar global luxury market.  Strategies & High Ticket Sales Conversion Integrations.
[Scheduled as OTO 2 bundle]  Total Prelaunch Value $89.00


Advanced VIDEO Bonus 7- How I Raked in $288,000 during 1 lazy weekend by Cold Emailing Less than 50 affluent people & how you can do the same. The Step by Step Diagram.

Video Bonus 8-The Ugly truth about email, popular social media sites and crowds.
[Scheduled as Bonus Bundle 1] Total Prelaunch Value $100

Advanced Video Bonus 9- [Series] Diary of a 1% Income Earning SEO Pro Shake off the 9 to 5 and Join the Home Business Elite.

Advanced Video Bonus 10 SEO / Digital Agency High Ticket Cross Sell Secrets & Shortcuts.  Based on campaign, high net worth profession and personality type. 
[Scheduled as Bonus Bundle 2 ] Total Prelaunch Value $250

How to drip sequence relevant Premium world class events to maximize your cross sell Funnel Profits.  Commission value ranges from $10,000 to $100,000+ 

Advanced Bonus 11
Profit Hacker in the Philippines.
  How to turn $40,000 into 1 Million in 36 months or less as a lean boutique agency and sovereign investor.  SPECIAL EDITION & Video Guides

[Scheduled as Premium Bonus Bundle] Total Prelaunch Value $150.00

Total Prelaunch Real Value $1,603

Discover how you can enjoy high under-the-radar profits by instantly partnering with me and my existing Custom Partner Channel as a VIP Partner & sub agency.

Learn how to get your exclusive territory to grow your own profitable remote TopListAgency™.

Position yourself and your business like a proper specialist boutique
ad agency and earn $10,000 to $30,000+ per month per seat by selling 6 Star Media & Continuity Products & Services to high net worth professionals.  Globally.

What our Members Are Saying

Neil C,<br>Remote Digital Marketer

Neil C,
Remote Digital Marketer

Remote Digital Marketer

"$14,000 commission from 1 legal services client... took 3 of your email templates..within 30 days...

..I've never been weak about closing but I've also never known it to be this easy dealing with this segment.

....$14,000 in commissions using only 3 of your email templates.

David a $14,000 commission from 1 legal services client. 

Looking forward to more action like this and the 90 day $50K up-sell option.

Thanks is an understatement."

Mark M, Arizona Digital Marketing <br><br>

Mark M, Arizona Digital Marketing

​Author-Diary of a 1% Income earning SE0 Pro. Shake off the 9 to 5 and Join the home business elite.

"My first final impression after viewing all videos is that I wanted to implement the strategy as soon as possible.

I felt that the info was super valuable in the current SEO climate because it eliminates the waiting game that so many SEO agencies are forced to use with clients...

I also liked the fact that I could watch and digest all the videos in one setting because it's often difficult to devote a lot of time to learning new concepts when it's not necessary."