Crown Strategy™

Getting Prime Clients to Buy Long Before They Pay is a New, exclusive, limited release executive distance learning product which quickly reveals how you can earn $150,000-$300,000 annually from your executive home office. 

The business model is owning your own 360-degree boutique agency and servicing competitive High Net Worth professionals by mastering the powerful yet inconspicuous Best of & Top List method of marketing.   98% of digital agencies are clueless about how to execute this high revenue sales system which elegantly packages Print, SEO, PR, Video, TV, Radio, etc into high value curated media campaign assets. 

Crown Strategy™ is a proven under-the-radar Top-level sales system designed for easily selling to the evergreen and expanding mass affluent market. 

This training module is a key section licensed from a course where full tuition is $2,500 per month for businesses.  The course is supported by sales engineer David Gaddi.  David co-created and successfully piloted the Best of and Top List method of marketing for major brands like the American Express Travel & Leisure Magazine imprint, Gannett Corps USA Today and other niche publishers who earn big recurring profits by intelligently consolidating print and digital ad activities for a global portfolio of recurring VIP clients.  

Ideal for SEO bosses, local agency bosses, email marketing bosses, video marketers and media entrepreneurs seeking a proven, reliable and unsaturated high-income skill which produces high residual income for themselves and their remote sales teams. 

Crown Strategy™ Prelaunch

What You Get Today

  • VIDEO Lesson #1 Prime Ticket Formula Fundamentals. VIDEO Lesson #2 Client Prospecting Mastery.  VIDEO Lesson #3 Campaign Positioning Mastery. 

  • VIDEO Lesson #4 Exact Email Subject Formula Mastery. VIDEO #5 Exact Cold Email Opener Script Prospect Mastery. VIDEO Lesson #6 ​ ​Global Brands, Celebrity &VIP Sales Conversion Mastery.     PLUS...

  • Video Bonus 1-My Personal Help.  Video Bonus 2- Incentive Office Hours = Odd Hours Friendly.  Video Bonus 3- New 40-Proven Done for You Campaign Templates Pack

  • VIDEO Bonus 4- New Essential Legal Templates Pack.  Video Bonus 5- Blind Spots to Avoid Strategy Lecture.  VIDEO Bonus 6- Get your share of the 500 Billion dollar global luxury market

What our Members Are Saying

Neil C, Remote Digital Marketer

Neil C, Remote Digital Marketer

"$14,000 commission from 1 legal services client... took 3 of your email templates..  


..I've never been weak about closing but I've also never known it to be this easy dealing with this segment.  ....$14,000 in commissions using only 3 of your email templates.  David a $14,000 commission from 1 legal services client. .... Very easy to deal with and it only took 3 of your email template emails.  Looking forward to more action like this and the 90 day $50K upsell option. 

Thanks is an understatement."

Mark M,  Arizona Digital Marketing

Mark M, Arizona Digital Marketing

"It eliminates the waiting game that so many SEO's agencies are forced to use with clients.. 

My first final impression after viewing all videos is that I wanted to implement the strategy as soon as possible.  I felt that the info was super valuable in the current SEO climate because it eliminates the waiting game that so many SEO agencies are forced to use with clients... I also liked the fact that I could watch and digest all the videos in one setting because it's often difficult to devote a lot of time to learning new concepts when it's not necessary."

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