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SalesCPR™ is a very specific marketing campaign that you send to all of your contacts to find the ones that are best qualified to buy your product right now. The system sifts, sorts and filters your leads and literally shows you who you should call right now!

SalesCPR is ready to be used every month and contains

  • Preformatted Emails ready to be tailored to your business.
  • Professionally designed “Sequences” telling you exactly what to do and in what order.
  • Custom Webpages ready to be inserted on your website to generate the highest Sales Response.
  • Over 3 Hours of Video Training

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What our Members Are Saying

Jay Harmon

"I took Steve's concepts and signed up a client for a $24,000 campaign that closed 3 new clients worth over $3,000,000.

I have assisted clients in generating millions in new revenue using Steve's Back End Automation strategies."

Jay Harmon
Jamie Houston

"I quit my JOB on Thurday night, had my first meeting on Friday morning at 10am, and here we are 7 days later with my first client. She wants me to start with SalesCPR and is paying $1500 setup and $550 per month for first 6 months.

You have taught me well 'master'! My infinite gratitude…"

Jamie Houston

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Back End Blueprint

Increasing Conversion leads to faster growth and higher profits than increasing traffic. In fact, if you're focused on gettng more traffic to your site or offer, you're wasting time and money and I prove it in "The Money Is In The Back End" (included).

How to set up your own back end

For your own business or for clients

Get Increased ROI on Advertising

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