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Nymphya - "Dream Dance" Signed, Deluxe Limited Edition CD

"Dream Dance" Signed, Deluxe,Limited Edition CD

Let Nymphya’s stirring Folktronica Art-Pop debut recording DREAM DANCE drop you into a dreamscape glade and wind you through twisted trails and tales of discovery, loss, joy, mystery, and redemption. 

This Deluxe packaging release features 13 tracks of diverse beats set against arching vocals, juxtaposed soundscapes and unusual instrumentations, all tinted with the rainbow colors of Nymphya’s hypnotic voice, and packaged in gorgeous full color.

"Breathtaking vocals, deeply stirring music, all impeccably produced. In a word – Spellbinding!" ~ TunedLoud

"An ambitious and well-crafted work . . . what has been created here sounds unique . . . Dream Dance deserves to be heard.” 
~ Rawckus Magazine


What Nymphya fans are saying:                                             

John D, United Kingdom

My last CD was Kate Bush “Before the Dawn” and with this one the collection continues in the same spirit of music. We made the time to sit and drink in the album beginning to end. It’s stunning! There are very few albums I have played and on 1st play fell in love with it. The artwork is wonderful, and it’s so imaginative. Even the frogs were against the window listening. Very difficult to find a favourite track, but Wasteland is special. We Carry On is so much a single to get you on radio. Broken is fascinating. What hits me, too, is the amount of instruments you hear, and they feel that they’re in the room. I have a 90’s Technics system with big speakers, and it flows out into the room. You should feel very proud of this stunning masterpiece and I’m so glad we ordered it. To think, too, we had never heard your music before!

John D, United Kingdom
David G, United States

THIS IS Spectacular! . . . Eclectic but not disjointed, musically fascinating, gripping and moving.The brief soundscapes are little gems of complexity. I think Broken might be my favorite. I have different images in my head every time I listen to it. Howl is also utterly amazing. Such a spacious mix, big and mysterious. And Chrysalis with the bells and plunky strings. Egad. Those miniature tracks are skillfully built, and placed in just the right places. What a spectacular idea. The vocal mix on Wasteland is especially brilliant. That track may be my favorite for that reason, although it’s very hard to pick just one. This is a truly extraordinary accomplishment and an amazing CD from start to finish.

David G, United States
Marc F, United States

First off…WOW! …..
This is a very intense album. From the opening of “Entering The Glade”, it takes over. I felt like Alice must have felt when she went through the Looking Glass…
A very complex piece of art, this is. Very much like meeting someone in a dream…someone you have never known outside of your nocturnal travels, but in them, a good friend… can feel their pain…their anguish, and their joy…..which, after all the pain, tastes even sweeter.
From a musical standpoint, it is, to me, beautifully avant-garde, yet approachable. For instance: I love Tori Amos. I have since her first album. I heard her on the radio and said to myself, “Wow. Kate Bush has a new song out.” When the D.J. said it was Tori Amos, I rushed to the record store… I went in, rushed up to an employee, and said “Who is Tori Amos and where do I find her?”
However, some of her material is so baroque, so ‘different’ as to be understood only by her, with a sound that sometimes runs me in circles, she can be very un-approachable at times. On “Dream Dance”, this is not the case. Even on the first listen, I was excited to see where the song went next….there are many different aspects of the album that I want to explore in more depth.
But, in short, I love it.

Marc F, United States
John L, United States

I have reviewed my previous top ten all time CD list and find that "Dream Dance" makes the cut!
It will be among rather glittering company including the Lucia Popp "Vier letzte Lieder" and the Bernstein 60's version of Mahler's 2nd Symphony.
A sense of fearless transience flows through the whole thing end to end: lilting harmonies, multi-layered electronic drifting, and the ambience of birdsong to which I react with soothing dreams nightly. 
But above and beyond all that is your voice. It is so pleasant to hear a really well-trained lyricism project so effortlessly above such universal concepts.   Thank you, Nymphya.

John L, United States

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