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  • Restoration Thyroid Nutrition Program 1-4

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  • USD $999.00

Restoration Thyroid Nutrition (RTN) is unlike any other nutrition program!

RTN has one purpose - to help you recover and restore your most basic human fundamental need; cellular energy production.

When your body is unable to perform its most basic need, every system (hormone, digestion, immune, detoxification) is placed in a compromised (survival) state.

The principles and strategy behind RTN put you back in the control of your health by teaching you how to intentionally and strategically give your body what it needs when it needs it!

With the practice of consistency and observation you are provided the awareness you need to begin nourishing your body in a way that significantly reduces stress, recovers and restores your energy producing systems (metabolism), strengthens your resiliency to stress (something we cannot escape) and creates a foundation for life long health and healing.

What's Included in the RTN Program:

  • 60 min Foundation Setting Consultation

  • 8-30 min Follow-up Consultations

  • 1 Weekly Support Email

  • RTN Support Documents + RTN Cookbook

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Minus any applied consulting time.


This program is redefining what it means to heal in this day and age and setting the bar the practice/movement. They have managed to extract a refreshing simplicity from the complex physiology that enables you to become your own practitioner.