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Join resident prompt whisperer Simon Hodgkinson on a journey of AI powered success.  Learn anything and everything at the speed of light, build your own on-demand 'ideas genie' that you can carry in your pocket... And get the prompts, know how and ideas to build an unstoppable stream of profits for your business whilst ramping up productivity a thousandfold!

What our Members Are Saying

<p>Matt Garrett</p>

"Sometimes marketers hype things up more than they deserve... for instance calling a prompt the 'Empire Builder' seemed well, a little OTT to me. But I've just watched it. And honestly he's undersold it, my mind is racing with the possibilities"

Matt Garrett

<p>Mark Lyford</p>

"If up to now you've only managed to get AI to give you lame jokes or even lamer blog posts, be prepared to see the light - my brain is buzzing with ideas, Simon has just democratized success!"

Mark Lyford

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