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Proven Fundraising Process by Martin Bell and Dr. Alexander Schröder - PhD in Fundraising

Includes: 9 Phase Step-by-Step Process, Pitch Deck Template, Financial Projection Model, Investor Requirements, In-depth How-To Slides, Explainer Videos, and more.

100 Tasks Startup Building System Crash Course & Templates (Day 1 to IPO)

Includes: 18+ Videos on the 100 Tasks System, Masterclass Video (Holistic Overview), 25+ POWERSHEETS (NPS Calculator, Fundraising Sheets, Ideation Templates, Financial Reports, and much more)

Want to join the upper echelon of founders & expand your network? Tap into the collective expertise of our team and other venture builders in the 100 Tasks Community.

Includes: Exclusive slack community, dedicated community manager, meet successful founders, Q&As, free MVP development opportunity, events & more

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  • The 100 Tasks Startup Building Checklist (Usually $97)

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